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 Entrepreneurs are creating business that reflecttheir souls and their ethics. Successful businesses are connecting with their

audiences’ hearts in addition to their minds. The old way - persuade, push, and convince, the customer.

The new way - attract through shared values, authenticity, and transparency.


At High Vibe marketing, we celebrate your work as the expression of your unique message to the world. There are people waiting to hear that very message. We help align your messaging with your best intentions for yourself and your business.


 Things move quickly in this bold new world. Every word, color, and image matters. We craft your brand to light the way for your customers and clients. 

 There’s never been a more exciting time to share your business with the world! If this makes your heart beat a little faster, call me. I would love to chat with you. Kat 203-788-1993

Our Services

Conscious Branding

Elevated Web Design

Inspiring Coaching

Terrific TikTok Training

Authentic Social Media


 Stylized Photography and Video


Email Marketing

Savvy Social Media Consultations

Let's TikTok! 

Are you ready to take your
business to the next level?

Let me help you  grow your business on TikTok and Instagram with one on one coaching.
Text or call me at 203-788-1993

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“You know it's been a long time since someone has been around me to make me feel like I'm doing something right and that I am worthy. I feel that way but to have it mirrored back to me makes me feel good so thank you Kat for being here for me ❤️” Jude, Coaching to the Core 

We're Feeling Those Good Vibrations

We're Feeling Those Good Vibrations

September has been a crazy month and we have all be working incredibly hard to keep up with all of the great shows we’ve put on for the community. Since coming on board, you have been integral in shaping our social media and helping to record and share the ways we connect with our wonderful audiences. We wanted to send a small gift and note of appreciation, as thanks for all of the great work you do with us. Hope you have a nice cup of coffee on us when you return from New York! AMP CONCERTS 


Winner of the
Santa Fe Chamber
Business Achievement Award
for member of the Year! 

Purple Sky

Kat's Story


Kat is New Yorker, fashionista, pop culture guru and dog lover 🐶

She lives in Santa Fe, where the land vibrates and the sun shines ☀️

Kat’s a lifelong serial entrepreneur 🎉

One day she had a vision. 💥

A kind and gentle world 😀

With a love vibration. 💛

“I can help” she realized… 🙏

HighVibe Brands was born 🌈

We're Feeling Those Good Vibrations

We're Feeling Those Good Vibrations

"Working with Kat is like a breath of fresh air.

Her enthusiasm and professionalism in unmatched. 

Her marketing is so good that when I see it I smile. 

It feels authentic, elevated and really cool." KB 

Kat Walsh


Kat is a witchy visionary, a proven trend projector and a lifelong designer with the “hottest eye.” She was a buyer and creator of new departments for Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s, and Bendel’s before shifting from B – A and joining ABC Carpet and Home. Preferring to work closer to her than home she opened 4 fashion and lifestyle stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut.


As a good trend spotter does, she shifted her talents to emerging social media marketing platforms founding Knock Knock social media ten years ago with a focus on helping entrepreneurs transition last century marketing to these new story-telling platforms.  


High Vibes is the next phase. Join Kat, “the messenger for the messengers”, and elevate your marketing to  a higher vibration.


Astrological Sign: Sun/Leo, Rising/Libra

Happy Place:

Santa Fe, NM

Heart Place:

New York City

Passion Project:

Peace Place for Kids & Mindful Parenting 2.0


Rescue Dogs, Two Amazing Daughters, Pop Culture


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Santa Fe Magazine Feature Article 

Social Media Coaching

You know your business has to be on social media, but you're overwhelmed and confused.

You don't know when to post, what to post, what hashtags to use, or how to create videos.

I love to help clients navigate through the world of social media.

We will come up with a simple strategy, create beautiful templates and

help make your social media a curated reflection of your brand.

And... we will have so much fun doing it. I promise!

Reach out to me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. text: 203-788-1993

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What Clients Say!

"Wowwie!  I am over the moon with these materials!  I love how the digital ad packs it all in such a tight beautiful package!  And I love all the little icons for the services on the trifold brochure.Not just like, love them!  They are making me jump and dance around!   So grateful to have your team!"

Laura Lin

Some of our High Vibe Clients











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We’re obsessed. We could float in these vibes all day long. And we do!

Come vibe with us on your favorite platforms.


Mesmerized by creativity? Catch us on TikTok (our favorite!) 

Hipster with an eye for style? Find us on IG.

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